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Saturday, 16 December 2017

Google to shut down Project Tango in March First Week AR Core to take its place

In march , 2018 will be the day when Google cuts support for Project Tango, it’s early effort into augmented reality applications for smartphones. The system was introduced in 2014, but failed to take off properly. While it did make it to a handful of consumer devices and developer kits, its lack of mainstream attention or support from too many manufacturers meant that it didn’t generate too much interest.
Google has today taken down the official Project Tango website, and through its twitter account announced that support is being discontinued on March 1, 2018. The same tweet also announces that the augmented reality journey for Google is set to continue with ARCore, which is the company’s latest foray into AR development. It’s set to take on Apple’s ARKit, and both the new-age platforms for augmented reality don’t require the intensive triple-camera setup that Project Tango relies on to work.

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