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Friday, 19 May 2017


What is Ransomwear.

Ransom ware is a type of malicious software that blocks and access the data. and publish it until they don't  paid.





Don't open.

Ransom ware is implement  in some sites like free gaming, free music download. 

 Because attracting users, when they click on this sites the ransom ware is entered to their oprateing system and collect all data and sell these data to hack this they make you criminal.















when ransome ware virus is entered to your system. It stole all data in that perticular OS. like g mail, face book , linked in, instagram etc..

they put your data public. By this anyone can be access your data. and use that data for crimes.



They hack some banks, ATM's or paytm  accounts ,etc.. and leave your data there. while investigation they find you are the theefe. Because they don't know who hack particular account.

they only follow their investigation what find.







What we do.

we educated the people about ransom ware. And said  to everyone! don't click on any free websites like free gaming sites and free music download sites.

Because of this they hack your data use that for wrong purposes.

   note: don't save your data in browsers


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