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Sunday, 21 May 2017


Airplane mode or aieroplane mode or offline mode or flight mode or standalone mode .this feature is available in many electric gadgets or smart phones or computers.

why this feature

this feature is stop the process of observing radiation.due to this the wireless activities all are stopped like wifi, blutooth, or other wireless activities are stopped.
this feature is mainly describe for airplane purposes.
when we travel on the airplane if we did not switch off our phone .some  radiations arrive our mobile by the phone call,or message or by using inter net also.due to this the signal receiving of airplane system did not receive signal from destination center.due that the airplane did not catch the right way. so this is the reason why people switch off their mobile.but in the plane we are getting bore. that's why they invent airplane feature.

how it works

when we activate the airplane mode.
 then the mobile terminate the signal receiving  process of
mobile. by this it does not receiving any  phone call or message or internet signals. 

other uses of airplane mode

improving the gaming speed

when we play games on mobile some times it might be slow or struck.if you activate the airplane mode on your device. then the system of device run faster and game run very fast. because it stop the signal receiving power of  device. if one process is stop then system running capacity automatically increases.


less consumption of charging

if we activate the  flight mode.then the consumption of  charging be less. use more time.





charging speed

charge your mobile very fast by activating flight mode.


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