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Saturday, 3 June 2017


Once mobile means Nokia.once there are many mobile companies like samsung, motorola, LG  are in market.
but they don't give competition for the rule the mobile field for two lustrums.
because of it's quality and price available to every is interacted with the indian people.
it is one part of the india's life.
However,by releasing of samsung smartphones the value of nokia be fallen.
by the hard competition of samsung nokia did not Tolerated,that's why they stop their products.
after that the software Giant microsoft bought the nokia company,but they are also failed.
Microsoft lost its net loss by  buying nokia,it sell it's shares to the foxconn which is belongs to taiwan.
foxconn will bring new smartphones with the android technology in the market.
nokia D1C is the new model which is ready to launch in market.
they are decided to sell their 2gb RAM  and 13 megapixel phone for 10000.
3gb RAM  and 16 megapixel phone will sell for 13000, with this features they are decided to release in indian market.
along with that snapdragon 430 processor, Adreo505 GPU,Hexagon 536 DSP,and 7.0 operating system.
they are give name as Nokia D1C, It have all features,what features are available in best smartphones.
it comes with nokia brand , low price and more features.

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